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Do Detox diets work?

You don’t need drink juice 5 times a day Starve yourself or take any detox pills.

Here is a simple ‘detox diet’ that is effective and doesnt put your health at risk.

Drink more water

Eat more organic plant foods


Increase fiber intake eating more plant based foods

Eat only free range or irganic meats

Don’t smoke

Don’t drink alcohol

Avoid processed foods

Thats all you need to do! You are now detoxing.

Bigger Triceps

Tricep tips

Putting it simply tricep pulldowns will not do much in terms of muscle growth! I see a lot of guys doing fancy stuff such as laying extensions, ropepulldowns, standing, overhead, far bar etc. This will not build bigger triceps!!

It will give you a good ‘pump’ and take a great photo but it will not lead to great gains in size.

I mainly have my clients doing 1 if not any isolation work on triceps.

So these are the exercises that will lead to greater gains in size and strength to your triceps

Close grip presses


Floor presses

Dead stop skull crushers (fav iso exercise)

Close grip push ups

My advice would be pick 1 or 2 of these exercises on upper or push days and perform to sets one set of 8-10 and one set of 8-12

Progress the weight each week!!!


Chest Growth

Chest Work

Everyone wants a big chest, thats why on a monday you see everybody hitting chest from all angles and rep ranges.

My advice would be to stop wasting your time on crappy exercises like the pec dec, cable crossovers etc you cannot add detail to a muscle! If i hear the word TONE again I might explode. Read a physiology book on how a muscle actually grows!

Key moves :

Dumbbell or barbell Decline press

Dumbbell or barbell 30% incline press


Push up variations

Thats it! These are the staple movement that will lead to a bigger chest. Progress your lifts with these moves and watch your pecs grow.

Eat.Sleep.recover and grow!!

Latest Transformation

@gdight Came to me with basic knowledge on training and nutrition from his time in Afghanistan where food choices are limited. While he was out there I put together a tailored eating plan and advised him on affective training to add lean muscle mass and basic supplementation to support his goals. Since he started the plan he has put just shy of two stone of muscle on and dropped a significant amount of body fat.

For tailored programs and diet plans please contact me for more information.
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How to Achieve Your Fastest Gains

Having just launched my new website this week I have decided to kick off my first blog post with tips on how to get in shape in the shortest time possible.


You might be wondering how some people make such fast gains. In the modern era people are growing and getting quick results mainly because steroids are so easily available these days. On the other hand there is the odd genetic freaks out there that can build muscle very quickly that are drug free.


Here is a few tips for anybody wanting to speed up the rare of muscle gain


1. Focus on progressive overload on a handful of the biggest exercises which recruit the most muscle fibers, eg squat, deadlift, bench press, dips, pull ups and overhead press.

2. Try to get 8-9 hours quality sleep

3. Put your all into every single workout that enables you to add weight each week. The stronger you get the bigger you will get.

4. A high quality diet containing plenty of easily digested meals that are rich in protein and adequate in healthy fats.

5.Try stay free from any distractions, sickness and injuries

6. Try to get plenty of rest and do nothing to physically demanding outside of weight training.

7. Select a forceful training partner to push you to your limits or higher me!!!

8. Log every single lift this is crucial to ensure progression is made on a weekly basis

9.Hit each muscle as frequently as you can, this will require lowering training volume. Full body workouts 3 x a week are great for the early stages of training.