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Latest client transformation





Hi Mike,
My 6 Weeks are up and I’m glad to say best decision I’ve ever made coming to you. I’ve lost 12kg and feeling a lot better, mentally and physically.


Weight – 95kg / 209lbs
Height – 6ft / 182cm
B.M.I – 28.7



Weight – 83kg / 182lbs
Height – 6ft / 182cm
B.M.I – 25.1






Im amazed at the results and it all because of you. I know there is still a way to go but this is the first step.


Fat Loss

Fat Loss

One topic I get quizzed on the most is fat loss. One thing that strikes me is the number of people wanting a quick fix from a magic pill / shake or the latest celebrity diet.

Achieving prolonged sustainable fat loss requires changes to nutritional and exercise habits on a daily basis.

There is no magic pill or shake that will provide healthy sustainable fat loss long term despite what these products claim.

If these pills / shakes did what they claimed to do everyone would be walking around looking amazing.

If you are serious about dropping body fat and getting lean, you have to accept it is a tough process and it takes time and consistency to get results.

Don’t try look for a quick fix and put your health at risk causing you long term metabolic damage making it near impossible to lose bodyfat and change the way you look.

Evaluate your training goals and don’t cut any corners. Stay consistent.

Training Mistakes

One mistake people make when trying to build muscle is following a traditional bodybuilding program training each muscle once a week.

To accelerate growth in non assisted people you must train frequently enough with the correct level of volume. Research suggests 50-100 reps per muscle group per week is optimal

How you reach them reps is important. If you do all them reps in one workout you will make very slow gains than if your broke them up into two sessions.

Doing this will allow you to hit each muscle more frequently which produces better results

Contact me if you need a program putting together for maximum muscle growth.

Diet and the fitness industry


Some of my thoughts on the fitness industry   One unfortunate truth of the fitness industry is the fact it is filled with a ridiculous amount of conflicting advice and information.   alot of the crap you read comes from average clueless people who think they no more than they actually do.   whether its bad advice that shows up on a daily basis or the never ending false claims and deception of the fitness industry (supplements,books etc) Becoming certified as a personal trainer is as easy as getting a driving licence these days. The big problem is people get poor advice and do things wrong and get terrible results.


Here is a list of potential things people do wrong in their quest for more muscle or less fat.

  • To much or to little volume
  • incorrect intensity
  • lifting to heavy or to light
  • wrong rep ranges
  • Incorrect training frequency
  • incorrect training split
  • poor exercise selection
  • following silly myths / fads or faulty research
  • using advanced methods
  • overtraining
  • pointless toning / shaping workouts that women like to follow (no offence)
  • lack of focus on the important stuff like progression


Why women struggle to lose bingo wings

Why women struggle to lose bingo wings?

Having BINGO wings has nothing to do with more tone

Bingo wings is a combination of loose skin and fat. To shift them you need to burn the body fat off the back of your arms. But at the same time build the muse up in your arms to give them shape

Here is a list of things to avoid when trying to lose body fat

1. Choosing exercise classes and cardio over weight training

2. Following stupid diets like juice plus etc and eating stupidly low calories

3. Drinking to much alcohol

4. Low protein intake

5. Not drinking enough water

6. Eating to many carbs over protein, veggies and essential fats
If you choose to do the complete opposite I guarantee you will shift body fat for good!


The single most important factor to making progress is consistency. it takes years to build quality mescle tissue. Be patient, learn as much as you can and dont be afraid to try new approaches as there are plenty of effective ways ro build muscle. Use perfect form when training alwsys warm up you should never risk injury by pushing more weight than you can handle.


train hard but train smart!!!