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Nutrient Timing

Nutrient timing is an important factor to enhance athletic performance and recovery from exercise and to increase muscle mass, strength and body composition.

Pre workout- to release energy to drive muscle contraction during training.

Postworkout- (Anabolic phase) 0-45 minute window following a workout, with the right combination of nutrients initiates repair of damaged muscle tissue and replenishment of muscle glycogen.


Growth & recovery Рfrom the end of the anabolic phase to the start of the next workout .


Aim for 20-30g protein pre / postworkout + 30-80g fast acting carbohydrate pre/ post workout.


Loss of muscle is one of the reasons yo yo dieters can not seem to lose weight. They lose and gain over and over again.

The they encounter is loss of muscle, muscle is metabolically active and burns 70x as many cals as fat cells.

You must increase muscle to lose fat.