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Eating for fat loss

A few fat loss tips

if your diet isn’t spot on there is NO type of training you can do that will make much of a difference. So get that in check first!!

The bulk of your calories should consist of lean organic grass fed meats, wild caught fish, eggs and grass fed, raw whey protein powder should make up the bulk of your calories.

Load up on the green veggies and get some healthy fats like coconut oil in on a daily basis and you will be eating correctly for fat loss

Fat loss tips for 2015

Fat loss tips for 2015

So its New year again and my guess is a lot of people will be embarking on a fitness regime to lose weight or get fit starting in January.

A good percentage of people will start with good intentions and then give up because they are not getting any results.

Here are some fat loss tips to prevent you from failing in 2015.

1.Diet- don’t look for quick fixes and FAD diets that will starve you to death, this will just lead to metabolic damage which will then make fat loss very difficult. Not to mention the rebound of piling weight back on.

2.Goal setting- set realistic goals, losing 3 stone in 6 weeks is unrealistic and you will fail. This will then lead to becoming demotivated.

3. Try resist temptation- you will always be surrounding by poor nutritional choices on a daily basis. You need strong will power to avoid falling off your diet to succeed in the long run. If you really want to lose bodyfat you will say no.

4. Making excuses- skipping the gym because you are tired is a poor excuse, there will always be an excuse to miss training or eat a biscuit because its the weekend. Remind yourself of your goals and this should avoid you going back to old habits.

5. Enjoy the process- results will lead to more motivation, be consistent on a daily basis!!

If you need a tailored eating plan or training program to kick start 2015 message me through my website.