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Shorter Cut To Faster Muscle Growth

You might be wondering how some people make such fast gains. In the modern era people are growing and getting quick results mainly because steroids are so easily available these days. On the other hand there is the odd genetic freaks out there that can build muscle very quickly that are drug free.


Here is a few tips for anybody wanting to speed up the rare of muscle gain


1. Focus on progressive overload on a handful of the biggest exercises which recruit the most muscle fibers, eg squat, deadlift, bench press, dips, pull ups and overhead press.

2. Try to get 8-9 hours quality sleep

3. Put your all into every single workout that enables you to add weight each week. The stronger you get the bigger you will get.

4. A high quality diet containing plenty of easily digested meals that are rich in protein and adequate in healthy fats.

5.Try stay free from any distractions, sickness and injuries

6. Try to get plenty of rest and do nothing to physically demanding outside of weight training.

7. Select a forceful training partner to push you to your limits or higher me!!!

8. Log every single lift this is crucial to ensure progression is made on a weekly basis

9.Hit each muscle as frequently as you can, this will require lowering training volume. Full body workouts 3 x a week are great for the early stages of training.


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Fat Loss Circuit

Looking for a quick fat loss circuit, give this a try.


A1 Spider-Man push ups x10

A2 TRX pull ups X12-15

A3 Jump Squats x30 secs

A4 KB Snatch X10 each arm

A5 Mountain Climbers x 30secs




Reapeat 4/5 times


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