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What is the best way to train to get a lean defined physique?

How many times have you researched this topic and seen hundreds of different ways and methods to get a lean defined physique, most of us are in the mindset that if you spend hours hammering the abdominals every day you will end up with a well defined set of abdominals. You couldn’t be more wrong.


The main reason many people don’t see any changes to their body shape is because they don’t focus on adding muscle. Muscle definition will come from being lean enough, and the shape will come from adding lean muscle mass. Overall the real definition will show when body fat levels are low enough. The key to well defined physique is to get lean first.


You can’t create an impressive physique by focusing on light weights with high reps a lot of people are in the mindset that this will give the muscle more tone. It will never happen!! Once you have added a decent amount of muscle tissue its then all about how lean you can get which will give you the end result.


The key here is to focus on good quality nutrition and following a smarter well structured program combining resistance training and some high intensity cardiovascular work.


If you have ever seen someone with a decent amount of muscle mass, and seen the shape and separation of each muscle, that’s the result of building a lot of muscle and the lines and definition of the muscle come when body fat levels are low enough. The program doesn’t change to try and tone and reveal the shape!!


So keep focusing on getting stronger, building muscle, stick to good quality nutrition and focus on getting leaner, and you’re on your way to a well defined physique.

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