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Sundays Legs workout

5 minutes hip mobility to warm up


A1 Smith Machine Squats build up to a hard set of 8 (100kg) then perform a back off set 90kgx12

B1 Vertical Leg Press 3 x 10-12 140kg last set preform a drop set to failure

C1 DB Lunges 3 x 10 each leg 16kg ( pause in bottom position)

D1 Leg extension 3×12-15 80kg straight into D2 Seated leg curl 3×8 (dropset on each to failure on last set)

E1 Straight leg Deadlift 3×12-15 60kg (slow negatives)

D1 Seated calf raise 3×8 50kg

D2 Seated toe press 3 x15 120kg Hold and squeeze each set


Hip flexor and glute stretch to finish.

Using tension to build muscle

I have spent a lot of time studying and trying different methods to improve my physique, If you have suffered from injuries in the pastĀ like myself it might be wise to drop the load and concentrate on the tension placed on your muscles.

Perfect execution of an exercise will place greater tension within the working muscle, when loading up on an exercise eg. the Db chest press a lot of people end up placing the load and tension on the wrong muscles because the load is to big and the execution and set up of the exercise is poor.

If you perform an exercise properly you should feel the muscle throughout the set.


Book in with me now if you would like to learn correct technique and perfect execution on exercises.

Shoulders (chest) Workout

Todays workout


A1 Seated Military Press ( build up to a 5 rep max) then perform a back off set

Bar x10





82.5 x5 / 70×8

B1 Seated DB Shoulder Press 30kg 3×8


Perform as a tri-set with perfect form

C1 Plate front raise x10-12

C2 wide upwright row x12-15

C3 Seated lat raise x20-25


repeat 3 times


DB Reverse fly (run the rack) start with a weight you can hit 10-12 reps with then work down the rack



Low cable chest fly 4 x 12


30 mins steady state cardio to finish