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Using tension to build muscle

I have spent a lot of time studying and trying different methods to improve my physique, If you have suffered from injuries in the past like myself it might be wise to drop the load and concentrate on the tension placed on your muscles.

Perfect execution of an exercise will place greater tension within the working muscle, when loading up on an exercise eg. the Db chest press a lot of people end up placing the load and tension on the wrong muscles because the load is to big and the execution and set up of the exercise is poor.

If you perform an exercise properly you should feel the muscle throughout the set.


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What is the best way to train to get a lean defined physique?

How many times have you researched this topic and seen hundreds of different ways and methods to get a lean defined physique, most of us are in the mindset that if you spend hours hammering the abdominals every day you will end up with a well defined set of abdominals. You couldn’t be more wrong.


The main reason many people don’t see any changes to their body shape is because they don’t focus on adding muscle. Muscle definition will come from being lean enough, and the shape will come from adding lean muscle mass. Overall the real definition will show when body fat levels are low enough. The key to well defined physique is to get lean first.


You can’t create an impressive physique by focusing on light weights with high reps a lot of people are in the mindset that this will give the muscle more tone. It will never happen!! Once you have added a decent amount of muscle tissue its then all about how lean you can get which will give you the end result.


The key here is to focus on good quality nutrition and following a smarter well structured program combining resistance training and some high intensity cardiovascular work.


If you have ever seen someone with a decent amount of muscle mass, and seen the shape and separation of each muscle, that’s the result of building a lot of muscle and the lines and definition of the muscle come when body fat levels are low enough. The program doesn’t change to try and tone and reveal the shape!!


So keep focusing on getting stronger, building muscle, stick to good quality nutrition and focus on getting leaner, and you’re on your way to a well defined physique.

Looking to get in shape in 2017

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Shorter Cut To Faster Muscle Growth

You might be wondering how some people make such fast gains. In the modern era people are growing and getting quick results mainly because steroids are so easily available these days. On the other hand there is the odd genetic freaks out there that can build muscle very quickly that are drug free.


Here is a few tips for anybody wanting to speed up the rare of muscle gain


1. Focus on progressive overload on a handful of the biggest exercises which recruit the most muscle fibers, eg squat, deadlift, bench press, dips, pull ups and overhead press.

2. Try to get 8-9 hours quality sleep

3. Put your all into every single workout that enables you to add weight each week. The stronger you get the bigger you will get.

4. A high quality diet containing plenty of easily digested meals that are rich in protein and adequate in healthy fats.

5.Try stay free from any distractions, sickness and injuries

6. Try to get plenty of rest and do nothing to physically demanding outside of weight training.

7. Select a forceful training partner to push you to your limits or higher me!!!

8. Log every single lift this is crucial to ensure progression is made on a weekly basis

9.Hit each muscle as frequently as you can, this will require lowering training volume. Full body workouts 3 x a week are great for the early stages of training.


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Nutrient Timing

Nutrient timing is an important factor to enhance athletic performance and recovery from exercise and to increase muscle mass, strength and body composition.

Pre workout- to release energy to drive muscle contraction during training.

Postworkout- (Anabolic phase) 0-45 minute window following a workout, with the right combination of nutrients initiates repair of damaged muscle tissue and replenishment of muscle glycogen.


Growth & recovery – from the end of the anabolic phase to the start of the next workout .


Aim for 20-30g protein pre / postworkout + 30-80g fast acting carbohydrate pre/ post workout.

Training Mistakes

One mistake people make when trying to build muscle is following a traditional bodybuilding program training each muscle once a week.

To accelerate growth in non assisted people you must train frequently enough with the correct level of volume. Research suggests 50-100 reps per muscle group per week is optimal

How you reach them reps is important. If you do all them reps in one workout you will make very slow gains than if your broke them up into two sessions.

Doing this will allow you to hit each muscle more frequently which produces better results

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Diet and the fitness industry


Some of my thoughts on the fitness industry   One unfortunate truth of the fitness industry is the fact it is filled with a ridiculous amount of conflicting advice and information.   alot of the crap you read comes from average clueless people who think they no more than they actually do.   whether its bad advice that shows up on a daily basis or the never ending false claims and deception of the fitness industry (supplements,books etc) Becoming certified as a personal trainer is as easy as getting a driving licence these days. The big problem is people get poor advice and do things wrong and get terrible results.


Here is a list of potential things people do wrong in their quest for more muscle or less fat.

  • To much or to little volume
  • incorrect intensity
  • lifting to heavy or to light
  • wrong rep ranges
  • Incorrect training frequency
  • incorrect training split
  • poor exercise selection
  • following silly myths / fads or faulty research
  • using advanced methods
  • overtraining
  • pointless toning / shaping workouts that women like to follow (no offence)
  • lack of focus on the important stuff like progression



The single most important factor to making progress is consistency. it takes years to build quality mescle tissue. Be patient, learn as much as you can and dont be afraid to try new approaches as there are plenty of effective ways ro build muscle. Use perfect form when training alwsys warm up you should never risk injury by pushing more weight than you can handle.


train hard but train smart!!!



Chest Growth

Chest Work

Everyone wants a big chest, thats why on a monday you see everybody hitting chest from all angles and rep ranges.

My advice would be to stop wasting your time on crappy exercises like the pec dec, cable crossovers etc you cannot add detail to a muscle! If i hear the word TONE again I might explode. Read a physiology book on how a muscle actually grows!

Key moves :

Dumbbell or barbell Decline press

Dumbbell or barbell 30% incline press


Push up variations

Thats it! These are the staple movement that will lead to a bigger chest. Progress your lifts with these moves and watch your pecs grow.

Eat.Sleep.recover and grow!!

Latest Transformation

@gdight Came to me with basic knowledge on training and nutrition from his time in Afghanistan where food choices are limited. While he was out there I put together a tailored eating plan and advised him on affective training to add lean muscle mass and basic supplementation to support his goals. Since he started the plan he has put just shy of two stone of muscle on and dropped a significant amount of body fat.

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