Diet and the fitness industry

Diet and the fitness industry


Some of my thoughts on the fitness industry   One unfortunate truth of the fitness industry is the fact it is filled with a ridiculous amount of conflicting advice and information.   alot of the crap you read comes from average clueless people who think they no more than they actually do.   whether its bad advice that shows up on a daily basis or the never ending false claims and deception of the fitness industry (supplements,books etc) Becoming certified as a personal trainer is as easy as getting a driving licence these days. The big problem is people get poor advice and do things wrong and get terrible results.


Here is a list of potential things people do wrong in their quest for more muscle or less fat.

  • To much or to little volume
  • incorrect intensity
  • lifting to heavy or to light
  • wrong rep ranges
  • Incorrect training frequency
  • incorrect training split
  • poor exercise selection
  • following silly myths / fads or faulty research
  • using advanced methods
  • overtraining
  • pointless toning / shaping workouts that women like to follow (no offence)
  • lack of focus on the important stuff like progression


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