About Mike

Hi I’m Michael Green Online Transformation Coach and Personal Trainer in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Growing up I was always a sporty kid with a passion for football, health and fitness, my talent was recognised but never fulfilled due to reoccurring injuries. This really knocked my confidence and made me realise I needed to channel my energy into something else my passion did not die, instead it motivated me to get in shape and transform my own body, once I had done this I wanted to do this for others. My real passion and obsession is helping people transform their bodies and leave long lasting results.

Continuous professional development and extensive research has given me a very good understanding of how the body works and responds to varying diets and training methods. Using minimal equipment, I specialise in helping busy people who wants to lose weight, strengthen their mind and transform their body. I push people hard and get results. I practice what I preach and along with countless satisfied clients I am living proof that with the correct mindset anything is possible.

Please take a look at my client transformation page to see some of the life changing results some of my clients have achieved.

I look forward to connecting with you

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