Attention Busy Men And Women frustrated by lack of progress…


ATTENTION BUSY PEOPLE GIVE ME 8 weeks and I will give you a brand new body!! I’m Michael Green Online Transformation Coach and Personal Trainer in Harrogate. Growing up I was always a sporty kid with a passion for football, health and fitness, my talent was recognised but never fulfilled due to reoccurring injuries. This really knocked my confidence and made me realise I needed to channel my energy into something else my passion did not die, instead it motivated me to get in shape and transform my own body, once I had done this I wanted to do this for others. My real passion and obsession is helping people transform there bodies and leave long lasting results.

A lot of guys want to know how to lose weight despite a crazy schedule, you feel you don’t have time to go to the gym and I understand why. Most workouts are usually around the hour mark and that’s not including a warm up and a shower after your workout.

That’s quite a lot of time especially for anyone who has to take care of their job, be there for family, and enjoy life.

But Training does not have to an overwhelming commitment in fact over training with a busy lifestyle can be counterproductive in getting results.

All my workouts I deliver require minimal equipment and are targeted specifically for the needs of busy individuals who want to lose weight and achieve an athletic physique.

I offer one to one personal training in Harrogate specialising in working with busy individuals who have minimal time to workout.

Coming very soon I will be launching an Online coaching program that will teach you how to get in shape in just 3 hours per week with simple workouts, minimal equipment and eating solutions.


To book a FREE consultation please contact me I will be more than happy to answer any questions.