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Mike Green and his partner Sophie Mei Lan, a health and wellbeing coach at Squats and Sparkles, have asked to share their knowledge and wisdom in regular newspaper columns for JPI Media which includes a range of local titles where they are based in Yorkshire and across the UK.

The pair are also regularly featured in the media talking about Mind and Body fitness, training as a couple, working together in health and fitness as well as their fitness and mindset tips to motivate people.

Best Training split for anyone with a busy schedule

Best Training split for anyone with a busy schedule

A lot of guys want to know how to lose weight despite a crazy schedule, you feel you don’t have time to go to the gym and I understand why. Most workouts are usually around the hour mark and that’s not including a warm up and a shower after your workout.
That’s quite a lot of time especially for anyone who has to take care of their job, be there for family, and enjoy life.
But Training does not have to an overwhelming commitment in fact over training with a busy lifestyle can be counterproductive in getting results.
The aim for a busy guy is to get in and out the gym and dominate the rest of their day and to make a habit of training and staying in shape without doing marathon workouts.
All my workouts I deliver require minimal equipment and are targeted specifically for the needs of busy individuals who want to lose weight and achieve an athletic physique?
Coming very soon I will be launching an Online coaching program for you guys that will teach you how to get in shape in just 3 hours per week with simple workouts, minimal equipment and eating solutions.
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Sundays Legs workout

5 minutes hip mobility to warm up


A1 Smith Machine Squats build up to a hard set of 8 (100kg) then perform a back off set 90kgx12

B1 Vertical Leg Press 3 x 10-12 140kg last set preform a drop set to failure

C1 DB Lunges 3 x 10 each leg 16kg ( pause in bottom position)

D1 Leg extension 3×12-15 80kg straight into D2 Seated leg curl 3×8 (dropset on each to failure on last set)

E1 Straight leg Deadlift 3×12-15 60kg (slow negatives)

D1 Seated calf raise 3×8 50kg

D2 Seated toe press 3 x15 120kg Hold and squeeze each set


Hip flexor and glute stretch to finish.

Using tension to build muscle

I have spent a lot of time studying and trying different methods to improve my physique, If you have suffered from injuries in the past like myself it might be wise to drop the load and concentrate on the tension placed on your muscles.

Perfect execution of an exercise will place greater tension within the working muscle, when loading up on an exercise eg. the Db chest press a lot of people end up placing the load and tension on the wrong muscles because the load is to big and the execution and set up of the exercise is poor.

If you perform an exercise properly you should feel the muscle throughout the set.


Book in with me now if you would like to learn correct technique and perfect execution on exercises.

Shoulders (chest) Workout

Todays workout


A1 Seated Military Press ( build up to a 5 rep max) then perform a back off set

Bar x10





82.5 x5 / 70×8

B1 Seated DB Shoulder Press 30kg 3×8


Perform as a tri-set with perfect form

C1 Plate front raise x10-12

C2 wide upwright row x12-15

C3 Seated lat raise x20-25


repeat 3 times


DB Reverse fly (run the rack) start with a weight you can hit 10-12 reps with then work down the rack



Low cable chest fly 4 x 12


30 mins steady state cardio to finish




What is the best way to train to get a lean defined physique?

How many times have you researched this topic and seen hundreds of different ways and methods to get a lean defined physique, most of us are in the mindset that if you spend hours hammering the abdominals every day you will end up with a well defined set of abdominals. You couldn’t be more wrong.


The main reason many people don’t see any changes to their body shape is because they don’t focus on adding muscle. Muscle definition will come from being lean enough, and the shape will come from adding lean muscle mass. Overall the real definition will show when body fat levels are low enough. The key to well defined physique is to get lean first.


You can’t create an impressive physique by focusing on light weights with high reps a lot of people are in the mindset that this will give the muscle more tone. It will never happen!! Once you have added a decent amount of muscle tissue its then all about how lean you can get which will give you the end result.


The key here is to focus on good quality nutrition and following a smarter well structured program combining resistance training and some high intensity cardiovascular work.


If you have ever seen someone with a decent amount of muscle mass, and seen the shape and separation of each muscle, that’s the result of building a lot of muscle and the lines and definition of the muscle come when body fat levels are low enough. The program doesn’t change to try and tone and reveal the shape!!


So keep focusing on getting stronger, building muscle, stick to good quality nutrition and focus on getting leaner, and you’re on your way to a well defined physique.

Looking to get in shape in 2017

If your looking for a proven way to get in shape, without eating a bunch of weird foods, doing endless cardio or buying expensive supplements I can teach you how.


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Shorter Cut To Faster Muscle Growth

You might be wondering how some people make such fast gains. In the modern era people are growing and getting quick results mainly because steroids are so easily available these days. On the other hand there is the odd genetic freaks out there that can build muscle very quickly that are drug free.


Here is a few tips for anybody wanting to speed up the rare of muscle gain


1. Focus on progressive overload on a handful of the biggest exercises which recruit the most muscle fibers, eg squat, deadlift, bench press, dips, pull ups and overhead press.

2. Try to get 8-9 hours quality sleep

3. Put your all into every single workout that enables you to add weight each week. The stronger you get the bigger you will get.

4. A high quality diet containing plenty of easily digested meals that are rich in protein and adequate in healthy fats.

5.Try stay free from any distractions, sickness and injuries

6. Try to get plenty of rest and do nothing to physically demanding outside of weight training.

7. Select a forceful training partner to push you to your limits or higher me!!!

8. Log every single lift this is crucial to ensure progression is made on a weekly basis

9.Hit each muscle as frequently as you can, this will require lowering training volume. Full body workouts 3 x a week are great for the early stages of training.


For tailored training programmes please contact me through my website.

Fat Loss Circuit

Looking for a quick fat loss circuit, give this a try.


A1 Spider-Man push ups x10

A2 TRX pull ups X12-15

A3 Jump Squats x30 secs

A4 KB Snatch X10 each arm

A5 Mountain Climbers x 30secs




Reapeat 4/5 times


Message me for one to one training and online coaching

Eating for fat loss

A few fat loss tips

if your diet isn’t spot on there is NO type of training you can do that will make much of a difference. So get that in check first!!

The bulk of your calories should consist of lean organic grass fed meats, wild caught fish, eggs and grass fed, raw whey protein powder should make up the bulk of your calories.

Load up on the green veggies and get some healthy fats like coconut oil in on a daily basis and you will be eating correctly for fat loss