Month: March 2022

As we know your metabolism and body start to slow down when you’re over 30, but at 35 I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been.

When I was younger I was always destroying my body in other ways, binge drinking, poor nutrition, dangerous workouts, and other factors that were not healthy

My approach to training and nutrition is that it must improve my health and body composition because what’s the point in being lean but not healthy?

As we age it’s important to focus on health more than ever as we are more susceptible to injuries and other health problems.

So how have I gone from a pot-bellied youngster to being in the leanest shape of my life?

I focus on simplicity and what’s most effective.

Here’s my weekly routine:

  • I eat clean food choices 80-90% of the week (probably have 1-2 meals of choice a week)
  • I make sure I have enough protein every day to support muscle growth and fat loss, I also make sure I have enough fruit and veggies and eat smart carbs around my workouts.
  • Awareness of how many calories I am eating, I sometimes track my calories using an app however I am educated enough now to know roughly how much I am eating
  • 5-6 workouts a week with shorter sessions, using mainly bodyweight exercises in a full-body split style of training. Each session consists of one push one pull and one lower body movement. (Perfect when you only have 20 minutes to train)
  • Aiming for a minimum of 7 hours sleep ideally 8 (is a game-changer for health and longevity).
  • Daily rituals of meditation, journaling, and reading.
  • Daily mobility and joint healthy exercises to keep my body subtle
  • Padel tennis 1-2 x a week
  • Having a plan and sticking to it, preparing for my day in advance

When you are 35+ and busy it’s important you plan your week’s schedule in advance, if you fail to do this you are more likely to mess up.

Environments trigger behaviours and take you away from who you want to become.

If you have had another new year start with neglecting your health and body and you want to change that going into the next year, contact me here. 

Only reach out if you are 100% committed as I can then help you.

Are you ready to start your body transformation?