Month: October 2021

There is so much online ‘noise’ around fitness fads, the latest equipment, or the best clothing to boost your workout and yet, we are more unfit and unhealthy than ever before despite the trends and clickbait fitness news. 

The key to any plan or programme is sustainability long term and to keep it simple. 

Here’s how to simplify your programme: 

People should focus on quality not quantity and strive to perform fewer exercises but do them correctly.

No matter what you read you often hear about slide boards, unstable surfaces, Bosu balls, drop sets, etc… The fact of the matter is that not much has changed from what worked 50 years ago.

The more simple the programme, the more it will achieve the desired results.

An effective strength programme does not need to exceed more than 3-5 exercises per workout. If you are doing a programme with more exercises than that try dropping the exercises I guarantee you will see better results.

Every single muscle group does not need individual attention and isolation.

Concentrate on quality, not quantity.

Simplify your programme, amplify your results

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 Here are 4 things to avoid if you want decent results and avoid burning out….

Don’t train to failure. Training to failure adds more stress to your body, you will feel drained which will slow down your gains if you push every set to death, go hard but finish with a quality rep.

Don’t do loads of volume. Too much volume will elevate your cortisol levels (stress hormone) that eats away muscle and adds body fat. Keep the volume low.

Don’t do new exercises all the time.

Stick to a handful of exercises and movement patterns, changing the workouts all the time will lead to soreness and fatigue.

 Avoid too many stressful exercises.

Heavy squats and deadlifts drain you more than just about anything. The big compound lifts should be a staple if you are injury-free But some other big compound movements like heavy leg presses and heavy toes can have a similar effect on the body.

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