Three rules to drop body fat and build muscle over 30

Three rules to drop fat and build muscle over 30

If you are 30 plus and series about dropping fat and building muscle follow these 3 rules below 👇🏻

1.) Dropping a numbers mindset does not mean that you ought not to have a numeric goal or to count sets or reps entirely, it just means that you do not sacrifice what’s truly important (good form, injury prevention and fatigue management) good for is key as we get older.

2.) Good form is key, especially as we get older. A good set of 12 push-ups with controlled tempo, full range of motion, and mind-muscle connection is far more effective at building strength and muscle than a set of 30 fast reps with partial range of motion.

3.) Consistency  ABOVE ALL ELSE, SHOW UP EVERY DAY. You need be compelled far less by traditional notions of “progress” such as more volume, more weight, harder exercises than you do by consistency and repeated effort. It’s far more important THAT you do it than HOW. At this point in your training career, think of progress as years spent in honest training.

At a certain age and after a certain number of years of training, you really don’t need to worry about all the usual stuff like how often you should be training and how many reps you should be doing….

Just do it again tomorrow (and do it well) and you will feel and see the results.