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Most people over 40 are unhappy with how they look, they either train at the detriment of their joints or they avoid exercise all together which negatively impacts their health and overall wellbeing.

You’re tired, you’ve started to ache and get injured easily, you have little time and feel demotivated because what used to work just doesn’t anymore.

All is not lost however, you can train in a healthy, time efficient and sustainable way.

While building strength, improving your confidence and feeling in the healthiest state of your life.

It’s not your body that’s wrong, it’s the one-size-fits all approach to your training programme.

With the right exercise and nutrition plan for you, you can reduce joint pain, build a better physique and improve your overall health.

How do you do it?

With my help, I can help you:

– Train smarter not harder

  • Improve movement quality of each exercise
  • Boost testosterone as levels get lower as we get older
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Achieve the best shape of your life
  • Reduce inflammation

Optimise your health and body composition today.

Together, we do this through:

Start with some basics, such as eating real, natural and nutrient dense foods. Consuming enough protein to support and preserve your lean mass and body composition goals and develop intentional habits to build mindfulness around what you consume. 

  • Joint friendly resistance training to help strengthen body without wrecking your joints. E.g. Swapping Barbell squats with body weight or dumbbell front loaded squats.
  • Use walking to maintain your health
  • Intuitive eating

Whether you want to train with me in person at my private studio, online or a hybrid, I really do tailor-make every programme to suit your life and body.

Are you ready to start your body transformation?