“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail…”

Step 1 is as simple as: Simplify your programme! We can get stifled or do nothing when our programme is too hard to follow. 

People should focus on quality not quantity and strive to perform fewer exercises but do them correctly.

No matter what you read you often hear about slide boards, unstable surfaces, Bosu balls, drop sets, etc… The fact of the matter is that not much has changed from what worked 50 years ago.

The more simple the programme, the more it will achieve the desired results!

An effective strength programme does not need to exceed more than 3-5 exercises per workout. If you are doing a programme with more exercises than that try dropping the exercises I guarantee you will see better results!

Every single muscle group does not need individual attention and isolation!

Concentrate on quality, not quantity!

Simplify your programme, amplify your results…

Do you want to get lean and athletic in as little as 3 hours per week? Without the usual aches and pains associated with most training programmes?

You will lose body fat, boost testosterone, increase muscle mass and get the workouts, coaching, and accountability you need to build your best body. 

Contact me today! 

We put people first when designing your programme!

Person-first wellbeing programme… No one size fits all. 

Create your own power plan to supercharge your life! 

We shop to find a range of styles, sizes, and features, so that a product or service fulfills our individual requirements and what one item suits one person or appeals to another may not suit the next. 

Whilst we might witness certain trends and gain a better understanding of mass appeal, at the same time, the best customer service or in this case fitness programmes are human-centered around the individual they’re tailored to. 

Whilst there are obviously many anatomical differences between genders, differing nutritional requirements, hormone differences, and bone density considerations (Women typically reach peak bone density between 25 and 30, and bone density typically starts gradually decreasing around age 35 — more slowly at first, then faster as oestrogen production decreases during menopause for example).⁠ 

Regardless of gender, creating your own ‘Power Plan’ or ideally with my assistance, we can feel invigorated and work with our minds and bodies to achieve peak performance and achieve our optimal feel-good factor!