We are acutely aware that obesity is an epidemic with a devastating impact on our health, well-being, and life, yet we are consuming more saturated fat, sugar, and avoiding exercise than ever. 

It is much more than a lack of willpower! Society has a lot to answer for… but fear not it’s more of a quick guide from our in-house fat loss coach, than a rant. There’s enough negativity when talking about “losing weight,” and we want to ensure you start to care for your bodies rather than hate them and fuel them with unhealthy food, drink, and energy!

Here Personal Trainer and online coach Mike Green shares his top tips from a decade of experience with clients in person and online via his 100 per cent guaranteed full bespoke fat loss programmes…

With so much confusing information from the government labeling all menu items at venues with the calorie content to weight loss shakes, diet pills and fitness apps, so why are we overweight and still struggling? It’s not about starving ourselves or skipping vital vitamins and nutrients, here are simple tips to lose weight sustainably from your online coach and body transformation expert Mike Green: 

Ever searched Google to see what’s the best way to lose weight?

Searching Google will give you hundreds of different answers on ‘how to lose weight,’ you will read things like ‘how to get a six-pack in 4 weeks. 

The problem with a question like this is people don’t really know what they want, what people really want to do is change body composition (basically lowering body fat levels and increase muscle mass) which is all you can really do in terms of changing the way we look.

My answer to achieving this without throwing anything complicated at you is to follow a calorie-restricted eating plan! 

This doesn’t mean malnourishment or looking for the magic pill for a quick fix, FAD diets in my opinion are not a good idea to follow.

When losing weight, health needs to be optimal ensuring vital vitamins and minerals are being consumed, this doesn’t mean fasting and not eating for days then eating again or bingeing on a so-called ‘cheat day.’ 

That’s the perfect recipe for disaster after depriving yourself of vital vitamins and minerals.

Initially, before going on a calorie-restricted diet I advise clients to not immediately swipe everything out and make gradual dietary / lifestyle changes each week.

What I am trying to say is there aren’t any magic pills or workouts that provide quick fixes, don’t really focus on the next new fat-burning supplement or workout for a quick fix!

The key to any plan is sustainability long term!

If you need any help with this send me DM with the word LEAN and let’s discuss how I can help you today.

Here’s a sneak preview of my free plan that you can access in full, just email me [email protected] or DM me on social media @GreenHealthPT

Meal Plan


Start your day with 250ml water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime


Water intake 2-3 litres daily


Breakfast Options


180g total 0 yoghurt or goats yogurt 

100g Blueberries or strawberries 

10-15 almonds or cashews (message me if you have a nut allergy)



(smoothie option)


1 x scoop whey protein shake or vegan protein 

1 handful of spinach, 

1 handful kale, 

50g blueberries

1/2 cucumber,

1/2 cup coconut milk 




2-3 eggs cooked in 1tsp coconut oil

Side of spinach leaves 

1 plum or orange 


Lunch Options


150g chicken breast 

2 handfuls mixed greens, 

1 chopped red pepper, 


10 olives 

1 orange or apple 




150g Turkey Breast steak

Salad with mixed greens, 

1/2 avocado, 

1 handful cherry tomatoes, 

1 handful shredded carrots 

2 x rice cakes 




1 scoop whey protein or vegan protein 

1 small piece of ginger, 

1 handful berries, 

1 handful pineapple, 

1/2 cup coconut milk or oat milk 


Dinner Options

200g cod or haddock 

1 portion of mixed veg  (broccoli, green beans, kale) 

150g Sweet potato




200g Chicken or turkey 

1 x portion of mixed veggies    (broccoli, green beans, kale) 

½ pack Tilda basmati rice

½ avocado




200g Grass-fed steak

½ pack Tilda basmati rice 

Mixed greens (broccoli, green beans, kale)

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