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You’ll discover ways to find time for exercise, reduce caffeine and eliminate sugar cravings. Speed up your productivity in all areas of your life, work, and health!

So, if you wake up feeling sluggish or notice you regularly crash at certain times of your day… then this easy-to-follow guide is for you!… Here one of the UK’s best body transformation expert and former semi-pro footballer shares his tips to get you started… How many of you wake up each day with zero energy? Having low energy throughout the day can be a killer when you are trying to get fitter and healthier!

Lack of energy usually comes down to how much exercise you do and what you put in your mouth! Does your energy suck?

Here are 5 things to fix low energy levels now:

Use these quick tips to boost your energy…

    1. Get outside as soon as you can, natural daylight will give you a mental and physical boost and is great for the mind. Try to avoid heavy meals at lunch, don’t eat things that cause a crash in energy, stick to protein, fats, and veggies during the day and keep your carbs around workouts or back end of the day.
    2. Get a good sleep routine! Going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time is a game-changer!  To maximise sleep aim for 7-8 hours every night.
      TIP: Workaround the natural rhythms and your own internal circadian rhythm because our testosterone levels are highest on a morning!
    3. Finish the day with some brain dumping, any ideas or tasks you need to do write them down on some paper.
    4. Perform some form of exercise daily, just 20 minutes of daily exercise is proven to boost mood and energy!
      Make it non-negotiable because the benefits are endless.
    5. Once you feel more aware of what you’re consuming from food & drink to fresh air and toxins… then it’s time to try to practice intuitive eating using mindfulness so you eat slowly and appreciate every mouthful. Eat and drink as naturally as possible too.Start adding these above habits into your weekly routine and I guarantee your energy levels will be elevated.

      If you’re ready to up your game, let me help YOU get started NOW.

      A lot of us slump over a desk, going from car to office chair daily feeling the effect of fatigue without attempting these simple changes first. All that said, when we’re busy, even simple tips can feel like a struggle. There’s no better way to keep up this routine and tweak your plan to make it bespoke to you maintaining your motivation and keeping you accountable as you begin to hit those mini-goals.

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