9 ways to run an eco-friendly gym: Top tips from our studio to your business

With more millennials looking for purpose-based activities over the ‘new gym accessory’ – not only can becoming carbon-neutral help the planet but also your fitness business too.

After all, we all love businesses with shared values and it can really help foster relationships locally and internationally if you work online as we offer a hybrid model to clients. 

Obviously, a lot of businesses are digital-first nowadays and it can seem easier for solely digital businesses to track their footprints and reduce them too. But there are a number of ways all businesses can try and reduce their carbon footprint, such as going paperless, walk-to-work initiatives, signing up to carbon-neutral sites and, making pledges to offset their footprint e.g. planting a tree. 

Whilst the digital world can still be harmful to the environment it doesn’t equate to the save on the planet that ‘going digital’ offers. 

9 ways to run an eco-friendly class or gym: 

– Human-generated energy: Some gyms are cycling to better health for themselves and the planet. There are a number of machines to help you run your gym effectively and even use human power – a renewable and clean energy source.

Energym, for example, has developed retro-fitted devices that convert existing gym equipment into clean energy generators.


– Ban single-use plastics 

– Paperless admin: go digitise where possible 

– Encourage recycling or digital correspondence 

– Save on electricity and gas where possible and reduce your own bills too 

– Charity challenges to help with environmental charities 

– Incentivise healthy eating, moving, and living with challenges 

– Reduce travel: From carpooling to walking or using public transport where possible  

– Encourage team building activities outdoors and maybe even ones that help the local area or even a clothes swap