It’s not long until the New Year when lots of people will to ‘lose weight’ for good. 

But fad diets, celebrity diets, Juice Plus, Weight Watchers, etc are partly responsible for the obesity crisis.

People try extreme diets because it promises you, you will look like a particular actor or model who’s doing the same one. With fad diets you will lose a bit of weight, then put it back on and more, lose a bit put it back on, and more so the end result is constant weight gain and a shit metabolism. 


This is their business model so you keep buying and coming back! 


Weight watchers etc are responsible for people getting fatter, not thinner.


Think long term not short when it comes to weight loss, the only weight you want to be dropping is body fat this needs to be done in a strategic way so it stays off for good.


None of the latest diets or pills will do this for you! 


This is exactly what we teach the in 

GETLEAN programme! 


Drop fat and lose it for good through proper nutrition! Coupled with smart effective resistance training! 


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