Your age is NOT the reason you can’t get in shape.

When you hit 35+ your metabolism doesn’t suddenly just “slow down” and your hormones don’t suddenly flick a switch onto fat-storing mode⁣⁣.

You will get a slight decrease in testosterone levels compared to when you were in your 20’s but too many men cling onto this statistic and use this as the reason they are struggling to lose fat.

The main reason for gaining body fat is the fact that as we get older we tend to do less activity and adopt poor eating habits over the years.

⁣When you become less active, don’t go to a gym, and sit behind a desk 9am-5pm, your calorie expenditure will be pretty low⁣.⁣ Not to mention the fact that building muscle through resistance training will help you burn body fat even if you live a sedentary life at work.

⁣⁣But without this and continuing as you are, those few drinks you have on a weekend along with the three-course meal…. start to get stored as body-fat⁣.

This is just what happens regardless of our age, it is largely our habits, not just our “hormones” suddenly changing.⁣⁣

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you over-consume calories over time your body will store these as body fat

And the same is true the other way around: Anybody (no matter their age) will start to lose body fat if they burn more calories than they consume over a prolonged period of time. ⁣⁣


Here are my top 3 tips I suggest to my 35+ clients:⁣⁣


1. Purchase a smart-watch to track your daily movement this will help keep you accountable and will make a conscious effort to increase your daily steps.


2. Use progressive Resistance training regularly (ideally 3 times p/week) to help build and retain lean muscle mass. (think “use it or lose it”)⁣⁣

⁣⁣3. Eat enough protein and green leafy vegetables to support the above.

I’ve helped countless men and women get into the best shape of their lives 35+


If you are 35+ and need to lose 10kg + of body fat send me a message here with the word lean and let’s get to work .