Feeling a fitness plateau? Here’s the secret to achieving your physique goals

Has your body and health changed this year? If not, you NEED to read this because you SHOULD be noticing changes.

By online coach and personal trainer Mike Green:

It really frustrates me seeing people just do the guesswork and wonder why they never get any results.

They definitely have their routines nailed on…

But they look more or less the same as when they started.

Why would you spend hours and hours a week, working towards a goal…

Just to look exactly the same?!

It’s not all about the aesthetic, I get that

But if you’re putting in a shift, surely you want a return of investment for it?

Here’s the secret:

Train with the goal of progressing each week!

When you’re working with the correct form and getting stronger with load or reps your body will change.

That could look like:

Adding load each week, increasing reps, improving difficulty, or an exercise using slower tempos.

What we tend to focus on on the Lean 4 Life programme is progressive reps and difficulty of an exercise throughout a variety of rep ranges.

It’s not enough simply turning up guessing what you are doing and just going through the motions!

Focus on perfect execution on each rep.

It takes no more than a few 20-minute sessions  4-5 times a week of REAL-focused work.

And then changing your body and improving your health is inevitable.

Want to learn more? Head to https://getleanonline.co.uk I would love to help you transform this year.