There are very few online programmes that actually help you achieve results that are SUSTAINABLE. With fad diets and trends, your exercising efforts and nutrition normally go to waste as soon as you give up.

But getting lean for life is much more than just aesthetics, it’s about transforming your mindset, your health and as a result, you achieve the body and life you desire. 

How do you do it? It starts with finding the right coach. 

Here’s what one of my client’s said: 

“The biggest reason I wanted to get in shape is simply to feel better about myself. Training covers all aspects of health, physically and mentally. Training hard and seeing improvements in how you look is a massive bonus. The physical change and the help training can give you mentally is all the motivation I need to keep training, to keep eating healthy, and to keep fit. 

“To do all this you have to have the right coach…someone who really wants you to improve your well-being and not just wanting his payday. Having the right coach is hard to find and very rare but you have to put in the hard work and you will guarantee results. Mike Green…top PT, top coach and a top guy.”

Anyone can see change for the first 4 to 12 weeks of the year, very few sustain it. 

I am taking on 5 men this January who want to make CONSISTENT progress the WHOLE YEAR.

If you would like to be considered drop me a message now with the words GETLEAN.

As long as you are committed and coachable we will take your mindset, body, and confidence to levels you have never reached before.