Fat Loss

Fat Loss

Fat Loss

One topic I get quizzed on the most is fat loss. One thing that strikes me is the number of people wanting a quick fix from a magic pill / shake or the latest celebrity diet.

Achieving prolonged sustainable fat loss requires changes to nutritional and exercise habits on a daily basis.

There is no magic pill or shake that will provide healthy sustainable fat loss long term despite what these products claim.

If these pills / shakes did what they claimed to do everyone would be walking around looking amazing.

If you are serious about dropping body fat and getting lean, you have to accept it is a tough process and it takes time and consistency to get results.

Don’t try look for a quick fix and put your health at risk causing you long term metabolic damage making it near impossible to lose bodyfat and change the way you look.

Evaluate your training goals and don’t cut any corners. Stay consistent.

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